As a sponsor of Paramount Cycling Club we can offer your business a complete advertising package.  Our website currently receives approximately 700 hits per month and is increasing. As a PCC sponsor your companies name will be displayed on our home page with a link to your companies web site.  Your companies name will also be displayed on our attractive eye catching posters, brochures, T-shirts and PCC banner.

The Demographics of a typical cyclist will also benefit your company.  Cyclists typically have high disposable income levels similar to a golfer. PCC members will also patronize your business and tell their friends about your products and services as a sponsor of PCC.

We also guarantee that 100% of all proceeds from sponsorship monies will only be used to pay for our yearly fixed club costs, programs and other causes that directly benefit our local communities. All PCC members are volunteers and receive no compensation of any kind for their contributions.

For additional information contact us, our information is located under the “Contact Us” link on our website.