Community Giveback

The second goal of PCC is to be a partner of worthy causes in our local communities.

PCC was initially established in 2007 with two clear goals in mind.  Our first goal is to meet the needs of different levels of cyclists, especially focusing on the beginner.  Our second goal is to support meaningful causes, through cycling, in our own community.

Since our inception, PCC has participated in many of the well known national fund raising rides held in NJ.  Among them was the Run-Ride-Walk (RRW) in 2008 held at the NJ Motorsports Park, Millville, NJ  to raise money for cancer for organizations such as the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Late in 2008 PCC was approached by the Lance Armstrong Foundation and asked if PCC would be interested in handling the cycling portion of the now renamed Barbara Cook RRW (BCRRW) event for 2009.  PCC accepted the challenge and expanded the cycling segment to include 8,34 and 63 mile courses with two rest stops in 2009.  PCC also became an active partner on the BCRRW executive planning committee for the entire event.

The 2009 BCRRW event was a tremendous success raising $50,000 for cancer fund raising and was ranked the third highest one day cancer fundraisers in NJ for 2009!

The 2010 BCRRW event was even more successful raising over $53,000.  Our members did an outstanding job  supporting this great cause.

For 2011 PCC will focus on supporting many local and surrounding area causes by riding as a club to raise money for these events.